How do I chose the right Bimini Top for my boat?
Choosing the right Bimini model depends on several factors that can be summarized as follows:
  • type of boat (sailing boat, motor boat, inflatable boat, fly boat, etc.);
  • type of motorization of the boat and consequently maximum speed;
  • use of the Bimini (if opened only in the harbor or in navigation)
How do I take the Bimini Top measurements?
Taking measures to choose the right Bimini is relatively simple. Nettuno Marine Equipment has created several guides to help the choice according the various type of boat. Check them out here, out here
Can I ask for a customized Bimini Top?
Obviously yes. The flexible production of Nettuno Marine Equipment, combined with the experience of the technical Department and the craftsmanship of the workshop and tailoring, allows to create any type of customized product that exactly meets the customer's needs.
Can I change the sizes of standard products?
Yes, we can modify any size of standard products. Obviously, a customization always has a different cost than the standard product, so we advise you to stay within the proposed dimensions where possible. To meet almost all needs, Nettuno Marine Equipment offers a wide range of products and standard sizes.
Can I ask for the complete closing of the Bimini Top?
Yes, we can create a complete closure for a Bimini. It is important to communicate this need in the estimate phase as the Bimini canvase will be created specifically with special measures that will ensure the hermetic closure of the finished product.
Can I keep the Bimini Top open while navigating?
Yes, it can be kept open while navigating. Obviously, each Bimini model,bases on the type of frame and fabric, will have a certain resistance to navigation speed. Nettuno Marine Equipment indicates for each model which is the recommended maximum speed of use.
How fast can I navigate with the Bimini Top open?
Each Bimini model, based on the type of frame and the type of fabric, will have a certain resistance by using it when open at navigation speed. Nettuno Marine Equipment indicates for each model which is the recommended maximum speed of use.
Can I order the extensions separately?
Yes, the extensions can always be ordered after purchasing the Bimini. In any case, Nettuno Marine Equipment recommends the purchase at the same time as the purchase of the Bimini as the extensions are fixed to the canvas with divisible zippers. The purchase at a later time can be completed in two ways:
  • by sending the Bimini canvas back to our plant so we can fasten the zippers
  • sending the complete canvas to the customer with the zippers to be sewn to the Bimini canvas
Can I change the fabric of my Bimini Top from those available regardless of the model I choose?
No, the choice of fabrics is made by Nettuno Marine Equipment based on the type of support frame. A relatively light frame needs a light fabric, a stronger frame can support a heavier fabric.
Can I replace the worn canvas?
Yes sure. Nettuno Marine Equipment is able to replace the worn canvas for both its own Bimini models and other manufacturers' Bimini. For ours we only need to identify the model, for those of other manufacturers we need the old canvas.
What accessories do I receive?
The standard accessories depend on the Bimini model ordered. On the website and in our catalogue are indicated the accessories that will be provided model by model.
Can I reorder the storage bag?
Yes sure. You can order the storage bag for any type of Bimini or even for Biminis from other manufacturers.
Is the roll bar included?
It depends on the Bimini model required. For the SUPERIOR, FRONT SUPERIOR, EXCELLENT models the roll bar is included. In the JOLLY and UNIVERSAL models the roll bar is not included but can be ordered separately.
What type of boat can I install the T-Top on?
The T-tops can be installed on any type of boat that has a central console and that has a straight platform (no walk around). The telescopic sides allow compatibility with most open boats as well as inflatable boats.
How can I clean my Bimini?
We recommend that you always clean the Bimini after use, simply with cold water to eliminate the residue of salt. Based on the type of Bimini fabric a guide is available here: . Nettuno Marine Equipment also offers two specific products for cleaning Sunbrella fabrics and transparent Crystal available here.


Which fabric is more suitable to remake a Bimini Top canvas?
It depends on the type of support frame. A resinated polyester (see MEHLER TEXNOLOGY polyester), is more suitable for an aluminum frame, a resinated acrylic is more suitable for a stainless steel frame (see SAULEDA or SUNBRELLA PLUS).
Which fabric is most suitable for a boat cover?
Certainly the most suitable fabric for making a brand cover is PVC in a weight not less than 450 gr/m2 (vedi PVC MEHLER POLYMAR® BOAT LINE ).
Which fabric is most suitable for a seat cover, console cover or an engine cover?
Valmex PVC is certainly the most suitable fabric for strength and durability. Its specific reduced weight allows these small covers to be easily folded up and stored in the lockers. (see PVC MEHLER VALMEX)
Which fabric is most suitable for making lazy bags, mainsail covers, steering-wheel covers and winch covers?
Generally these covers are made in coordination with the rest of the fabrics on the boats. In most sailing boats the external fabric part is made of SUNBRELLA PLUS, so we recommend the use of this material which can be purchased here: SUNBRELLA PLUS ).


Can I change an order placed on the site?
Yes sure. It is possible to change the order made by contacting us by email at s.dini@nettunome.it
How long does it take to receive my order?
For standard products the order is generally processed within 48 hours. For customized products we require no more than 7 working days.
Can I return an order?
It is possible to return an order using the right of withdrawal. This withdrawal is not available for customized products.
Can I return a customized product?
No. Custom products cannot be returned.
Do you deliver extra EEC?
Yes sure. thanks to the commercial relationships undertaken over the years, Nettuno Marine Equipment, with various couriers, manages to deliver worldwide.
Can I ask for delivery to an address other than the billing address?
Yes sure. Without any problem. Just indicate it in the appropriate section for online orders, or communicate it by email.
Can I group multiple orders and pay only one freight?
Yes sure. Without any problem. Just indicate it in the appropriate section for online orders, or communicate it by email.
How can I pay?
All payment methods are indicated in the appropriate section of the website which can be viewed here
Is there a minimum order amount?
Yes, the minimum amount per order is € 30.00.