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In addition to the standard articles, we manufacture tailor-made products to meet the specific needs of each owner.


Thanks to our state-of-the-art tools, we can perform a digital mapping of the boat and obtain its 3D model on which we can directly design a custom solution. We can also share the final result with the customer, as a render, before producing it.

In this section you will find some examples of custom-made covers for motorboats, sailboats, yachts and inflatables, such as spray hoods, Bimini Tops, shading canvases, nautical camping tents and much more!

For sailing boats

The installation of a spray hood allows the crew and equipment on board to be protected from sun, wind and water splashes, helping to create a more comfortable and private environment on the boat's cockpit and enhancing its aesthetics thanks to the possibility of choosing from different materials and colours that best match the overall style of the boat.

For sailing boats

Biminis for sailing boats are designed to adapt to the specific features of this kind of boat, such as one or more backstays, which have covers and slots in the Bimini fabric. In addition, the specific structure of the Bimini for sailing boats is designed to allow unimpeded manoeuvring.

For nautical camping

The nautical camping tent is the perfect solution to create a comfortable and sheltered place on your boat or rib that allows you to spend the night on board, take a fishing trip or wildlife-watching trip or enjoy a day of rest in total privacy and leisure.

And rib covers

A custom-made boat cover or rib cover adapts perfectly to the lines and dimensions of the boat, avoiding the accumulation of water and dirt and helping to protect from damage and deterioration. In addition, the high-quality materials and reinforcements designed at the highest tension points of the fabric, make the cover particularly weatherproof.

For fiberglass roll bars

By installing a Bimini Top on a roll bar in fiberglass you get effective protection from the sun and wind and your boat will be a more pleasant place to live. In addition, fiberglass roll bar Biminis are designed to follow the design of the roll bar itself and enhance the aesthetics of the boat, making it more elegant and attractive.

For stern and bow

Thanks to a complete bow or stern closure you can protect the boat from waves and splashes, especially when sailing in stormy waters. In addition, complete closures are an excellent solution to protect the crew from wind, cold and rain, improve the insulation of the boat and increase safety and comfort on board.

For consoles, engines, hatches, etc.

Custom-made covers for consoles, engines, hatches, and every other component of the boat, thanks to an excellent fit, avoid the accumulation of water and dirt and help protect the component from damage and deterioration. Moreover, the material and colour can be customized and matched to the style of the boat, improving its aesthetics.

For sides, stern and bow

Fabric or micro-perforated shading canvases can be attached to the bimini top, roll bar or directly to various parts of the boat. They are very useful as they can provide shelter from the sun's rays at any time of the day and increase the crew's privacy when at anchor in crowded areas.

On rails

Making a sliding canopy on rails out of micro-perforated shading net or fabric is a good alternative for closing open hard tops and sheltering from the sun when necessary.

With solar panels

Installing solar panels on a boat's Bimini Top can be an effective way to improve energy autonomy and reduce costs, particularly for boats spend a lot of time at sea or at anchor. In addition, the application of solar panels on the Bimini Top optimiseS space on board.

For flybridge

Installing a Bimini Top on the flybridge and protecting it from sunlight and wind, improves crew comfort. This area of the boat is usually exposed and a Bimini Top gives more privacy during stays on board.

And lateral window covers

Windscreen and window covers are boat covers that help prevent damage such as cracks, scratches and paint fading. They are also essential to maintain the cleanliness of these parts and to prolong the life of the boat.

With carbon poles

The shading mesh with carbon support poles is a lightweight, easy-to-install cover that can be easily removed and stowed away when needed, ideal for any application. It can be used as a full boat canvas, hard top extension, bow sundeck shade and more.

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